The real problem with marrying a prostitute

This article is based on my knowledge of the prostitutes from Russia, Ukraine, and Romania of the Red light district of Amsterdam and Den Haag in the Netherlands. 

I would like to mention that you can replace the word prostitute by camgirl, pornstar (read the story from jenni lee). This issue is common to most of the sex workers.

Here in Europe, many women work as a prostitute from their early twenties because they can earn a lot of money in a short period of time. This is their choice. Unfortunately, most of them get spoiled by money and they don’t understand that they can’t work as a prostitute forever. The career of a prostitute is short as compared to the lifetime of a woman.

Career change – Issue

The main problem of prostitutes is professional retraining after working as a prostitute. While working as a prostitute they get used to a rich lifestyle without responsibilities. Then, they must move back to a more modest lifestyle with many more constraints and less earnings.

Some prostitutes told me they saved money to go back to school, to university, to buy a grocery shop or real estate. However, I have no evidence of a successful re-investment of their money to this day. I have found that prostitutes didn’t study anything and didn’t plan anything for their future.

Now, let’s talk about what’s follow their career as a prostitute. Since those women worked apart from the corporate world, there are prostitutes with no skills, no degrees, no work experience who didn’t plan any professional retraining. Most of them have to start a career from scratch very much like a young individual in her twenties.

Working in a corporate environment helps you build up various skills. However, someone who used to work as a prostitute might not have the basic skills needed to enter the job market. This could make it harder for them to find and keep a job in a different field.

Therefore, those women are very likely to become a burden to their male companion (husband, boyfriend) because they don’t know any jobs and have no skills. Furthermore, those women are used to a rich lifestyle like buying expensive clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and traveling all over the world by plane. There’s a chance that some women might put pressure on their partners to maintain the same lifestyle they had when they were working as prostitutes.

Some sex workers try to make their clients believe they have a career plan. For instance, a Russian sex worker once told me she was learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, after asking her some questions about it, I realized it wasn’t true. She wanted me to think that she wouldn’t be a burden if I decided to share my life with her. I discuss this manipulation technique in my Amazon Kindle e-book, “How Toxic Women Manipulate Men.”

As you can see, the issue isn’t related to prostitution itself but the consequences of working as a prostitute.

Finally, I have noticed that many prostitutes were psychologically unstable as compared to women who did everything in their power to get a stable job early in their life.