The root cause of Toxic wives and girlfriends => fathers

I think that most toxic women behavior originates from education given by their fathers. So, since my website targets men I talk about fathers but mom can do their part too.

Sugar daddy:

Some fathers spoil their daughters and put them on a pedestal. As soon as their little princesses need something, they buy it. Their little princesses don’t need to work hard to get something, these little princesses just need to ask for it. Thus, after some years, the girlfriend is used to this horn of plenty. Later, she will ask her boyfriend or husband to provide as much as her father did in the past.


Once a father who had 2 daughters and 1 son told me that we couldn’t treat daughters like sons. In other words, he told me that daughters should be more protected than sons. For example, if a daughter would call their parents because she is in the city center, no questions should be asked, the parents should pick up the daughter and bring her back home. What about the son? He must find a way to come back home on its own.

Problem solving:

The little princesses never need to solve a big problem on their own, the parents will do because the father wanted it. Parents will create an ongoing reflex response leading to expectations from the daughter towards people surrounding her. Example: Her wifi router, she will immediately ask somebody to fix it on her behalf rather than fixing it herself.