Netherlands is maybe the worst destination to pick up women

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The Netherlands is one of the worst West European location to meet & date women. Dutch bars and nightclubs are packed with men. Don’t be surprised to see a ratio of 8 men to one women. Additionally, it is not easy to get inside one of those places. Selection is very tight at the entrance. It is also difficult for Dutchmen. In fact, many nightclubs are for youngsters, and if you are older than 23 years old, you are too old for those parties. Let’s detail the problems of dating in the Netherlands.

Nightlife is bad in the Netherlands:

The nightlife in the Netherlands typically targets to students aged 18 to 23. It’s common for Young Dutch people to frequent clubs and indulge in heavy drinking for a few years before moving away from the nightclub scene. In these clubs, the ratio often leans towards 90% men to 10% women. The most attractive Dutch women are nowhere to be seen at night. Additionally, entry to many nightclubs and lounge bars can be restrictive. It’s also worth noting that these venues are considered quite expensive for what they offer. Thus, even for those not seeking female company, the Netherlands is not the ideal destination for nighttime festivities.

You know nobody there? Good luck to you!

Consequently, if you are not in the right people’s network, you cannot meet local women. I guess that men living in Amsterdam do understand what I am talking about right now. Attractive Dutch women don’t go out to public places. You have more chance to meet a beautiful openminded Dutch woman in Majorca, Spain during the summer than in the Netherlands. It is really hard to meet a woman in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is slightly better in Utrecht and Groningen.

Dutchmen flee the country too!

Many Dutchmen travel abroad to find a girlfriend. In Amsterdam, I met a Dutch man who dated a Polish woman in London. Every weekend, he used to fly from Amsterdam to London to see her girlfriend. Here is an article in Dutch about those Dutchmen who go to Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines to meet someone. Visit the webpage in chrome and it will translate it. 

If you are an expat bachelor in the Netherlands, be aware that it is hard to date a Dutch woman. I worked in an IT department of a large company in the Netherlands. Once, one of my Dutch colleagues exclaimed: “where are the women aged 25 to 40? I don’t see them”. In the context of his speech, he wanted to mention that he didn’t see many women in our neighborhood.

The beautiful Dutch woman is a stereotype.

I rarely saw attractive Dutch women in the Netherlands. On the other hand, I have seen lots of Dutch women with masculine treats, far away from the commonly accepted Dutch woman body stereotype: Blond, blue-eyed, tall and skinny. In fact, a significant number of them had large masculine shoulders, a chubby belly without feminine curves.  

Some Dutch men are enslaved in their couple

Feminism also made lots of damage in the Netherlands.

Once I was at the Schiphol Airport car park waiting for the bus to get me to the terminal. The bus arrived. I saw a woman with her daughter stepping out from the bus. Then, they stood in front of the bus waiting. The husband was behind and came back and forth several times with the luggage of the daughter and the wife in hands. There were 5 pieces of luggage. Neither his wife Nor her daughter helped him to carry suitcases.

Stealthy gold-diggers:

I have noticed that a significant number of Dutch women were gold diggers. Don’t expect a Dutch gold digger to get dressed like a Las Vegas hooker. You can’t spot them in a crowd. I remember an unemployed Dutch wife who pressured her husband to fund her photography studies worth of 12000 euros and asked to buy her photography equipment worth of 5000 euros.

Many Dutch women pressures their husband to buy an overpriced small house or apartment for 450,000 euros to live in a posh neighborhood. This may explain why the Dutch households are among the most indebted households in Europe. (reference)