Validating a woman on a social media isn’t an issue

It is a common observation that many MGTOW are upset about the fact that women receive numerous compliments on social media, even when they do not deserve them. However, it is essential to understand that the virtual world and the real world are two different things.

In the real world, courting a woman can be a significant issue. It requires time, effort, and money to date a woman over several days or weeks. Moreover, there is always a risk of emotional manipulation, as women may play with your emotions, make you compete with other men, and even reject you.

On the other hand, online interactions are much safer and less stressful. It does not cost anything to leave a compliment or press the +1 button. Compliments and likes hold no real value, and therefore, it is better for men to interact with women online as it has no consequences. Viewing pictures on Instagram or Facebook requires less time and money than going out to meet a woman. Besides, no woman will come to your doorstep and ask you out.

Some women live in a parallel world due to the constant validation they receive on social media. In the future, it is possible that we will see women aged 50 who are still attention seekers on Facebook and Instagram, expecting views and likes.

Therefore, it is crucial to focus on taking control of your life in the real world. It is essential to avoid wasting your time and money on courting women, as the expenses and stress related to it are genuine issues.