What is a stealthy gold digger?

Stealthy gold diggers are women who do not reveal their unrealistic expectations during the dating phase. They don’t flaunt expensive clothes, shoes, or jewelry, and they may even offer to split the bills during dates. However, once they are married or living together, they start pressuring their partners to spend beyond their means.

For example, these women will ask their partner to buy a large house, a swimming pool, a luxury SUV, and take four expensive vacations a year. They are skilled at making their demands seem reasonable. They will manipulate their husband or boyfriend into believing that their desired lifestyle is normal and that everyone lives this way.

In France, I know three couples who have fallen victim to stealthy gold diggers. As soon as they were in a relationship, all the major expenses were decided by the women. One unemployed girlfriend insisted on living in an area with expensive houses near the sea and pressured her boyfriend to take out a long-term mortgage loan. I know this man well, and he has never been interested in luxury or spending money. The second woman wanted a huge house with six bedrooms and a swimming pool, even though her husband doesn’t like swimming. The third woman wanted a big house in an expensive area of France. In all three cases, the women were responsible for all the major expenses.