Where are the nicest women in the world?

I think that North American fathers are responsible for the bad behavior of a significant number of girlfriends who aren’t educated to respect men.

I have visited around 30 countries and quite interestingly, I have met different levels of sympathy among women depending on the country. For instance, I vividly remember that all the Hungarian women I have met were very nice. I have seen that on average Swedish, Denmark, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak women were nicer than women from Western Europe or North America. However, I addressed every stranger in the same manner by using politeness markers like Hello, Thank you or thank you very much, please, great… sometimes in their own languages.

It means that those women don’t verbally assault you when you ask them a question. I have never been bashed for free in these countries of nice women.  On the other hand, Once I have asked a woman in London “what time is it?” and she answered that I could read the clock on a remote building. Twice, I asked my direction to a woman in Paris. The first one answered: “you don’t know where it is? Piouf” and moved away from me. The second one ignored me.

That is just the two examples that come to my mind. West Europe and USA can be quite hostile to men when you think about it.