Where to meet single women?

Many men think that night venues such as bars and nightclubs are the best places to meet single women. Unconsciously, they are convinced that the nighttime atmosphere fosters a party spirit, and that women, aided by alcohol, offer glimpses of potential success.

However, when you find yourself in North America or Europe, women are always outnumbered by men wherever you go. It means that some women don’t go out in the night.

According to weddingbee.com, the website dedicated to brides, only 10% of women met their future husband at a bar. According to a poll on yourpost.info it is even worst. Out of 156 people, only 6 people answered that they met their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend at a “cafe/club/venue” which represents only 3,8% of committed people in those polled.

So, it seems that night pickup spots are overrated. Additionally, many TV shows and movies depict nightclubs as the ideal place to meet someone. However, there’s a significant disparity between fiction and reality. Women aren’t particularly drawn to the idea of meeting someone at a nightclub. It would be intriguing to inquire about the reasons behind this from women who aren’t keen on going to nightclubs.

Day pickup places:

The big secret is this: the best places to meet people can be found during the day. That’s why I focus on daytime locations rather than nighttime ones. While I believe that bars and nightclubs can be good places for dates, they aren’t necessarily the best for meeting new people. I believe it’s important to think creatively and meet women where they naturally go during the day, whether it’s at a shop, workplace, or social gathering. That’s why I regularly update lists of shops, associations, sports venues, and workplaces where you can meet interesting women.

A quick note about these lists: I’ve personally tested each location that I consider to be a daytime pickup spot, and I can attest that they are indeed good places to meet people.

Social networking:

According to a poll on weddingbee.com, 18% of women met their future husband through a friend or family member. That’s twice the rate of meeting at a bar. I believe this is a significant statistic. I would encourage men to explore their social networks and prioritize those where they have opportunities to meet women, not just men. Building a social network can indeed be more challenging for expatriates and newcomers.