Why men are the first victims of the macho culture

When talking about dating and how men relate to women, some folks bring up the idea of the “Alpha male.” They think acting tough like a chimp, wolf, or lion will impress women.

But here’s the thing: macho attitudes aren’t just a problem in Latin America. They can affect anyone, whether you’re married or single.

And sometimes, without even realizing it, guys can talk down to women—whether they’re strangers, daughters, or wives. I’ll explain why this can cause a lot of problems.

macho man

The Spencer Stone’s case

One prime example is the case of Spencer Stone, one of the heroes who thwarted the terrorist attack on the Thalys train in 2015 traveling between Brussels and Paris. Just a few weeks later, while back home in Sacramento, he witnessed a woman and a man arguing heatedly on a street corner. The woman struck the man with a plastic bag, and he retaliated with a punch to her face. Driven by a sense of heroism, Spencer Stone intervened to protect the woman. Tragically, this act of courage resulted in him being surrounded and stabbed by several men. He sustained serious injuries requiring hospitalization. Conversely, the woman he tried to protect escaped without injuries.

The Cost of Heroism

This incident exemplifies the potential risks associated with intervening in a dangerous situation. While the response time for emergency services like 911 calls in the USA can be around 10 minutes, acting as a Good Samaritan can expose you to immediate harm.