You have been rejected by a woman? read this

A man should never feel guilty about being rejected by women. This issue stems from Western culture, where movies, TV shows, pickup artists, and macho stereotypes all encourage men to pursue women relentlessly. Men are expected to dress well, find pickup lines, say things to impress women, find conversation topics, be funny, and even be wealthy. The demands placed on men to date a woman seem endless. In contrast, women are not expected to do anything special; they simply wait.

Contrary to popular belief, the current dating dynamics are not normal for men. If women had always behaved this way since the dawn of humanity, our species would not have survived. Today, men invest a significant amount of energy, money, and time to initiate a conversation with a woman.

Moreover, women often fail to realize that they age faster than men. It is commonly said that a woman’s beauty starts to fade at the age of 33. Therefore, if a woman is 31 years old, she may soon begin to lose her attractiveness.

If a woman in her 30s rejects a man, she is the one who misses out. As she approaches 40, her chances of conceiving a child decrease significantly, with only a 5% chance at 40 years old. In contrast, male infertility remains low at 3% of the male population in the USA at that age. Additionally, as a woman’s beauty fades in her thirties, it becomes increasingly challenging for her to attract men, as men can pursue younger women.

Women often underestimate the fact that they age faster than men. While a 50-year-old man can still have a child with a 30-year-old woman, a 50-year-old woman cannot have a child with a 30-year-old man.

Interestingly, I observed a different attitude towards aging in Eastern European women compared to their Western counterparts. Women aged 30 and above in Eastern Europe seemed to be more modest and aware of the consequences of turning 30. In contrast, women in Western Europe and the US often believe they will remain beautiful and fertile their entire lives, which may explain why they do not make an effort to date men.

If a woman aged 40 or above rejects a man, it does not make logical sense, as she can no longer have children. Therefore, if a woman rejects you, it is essential to remain cold-hearted and not value her too highly. By doing so, you may be surprised to find that you gain respect.