Travel advice to Americans for dating women in foreign countries

Here are some pieces of advice for interacting with local women if you travel to an Eastern European country like Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.

  1.  Protect yourself from scammers:
  2. In Latin America and Eastern Europe, there’s a notable presence of female scammers. Renting a safe box is advisable, along with keeping only essential valuables with you. It’s wise to store your passport in the safe box as well and have a copy of it on your phone. When engaging with foreign women, there’s always a risk of theft. Here’s the most crucial advice: Refrain from accepting anything offered by women who approach you on the street or in a coffee shop. Take control and pick the women you want to hang out with, instead of letting them choose you.
  3. Don’t spoil local women: Since you have a higher purchasing power than local men, you can indivertibly spoil local women on a date. Be aware of the local prices and the local average wages. Adapt yourself to the local medium social class. Don’t spoil local women by going to upper-class restaurants and offering expensive products or services. Visit to know the local consumer prices.
  4. Never ask any taxi drivers for advice on meeting local women: I have travelled to around 30 countries. I extensively used cab services whatever the country I visited. No advice of any taxi driver was useful to me. Would you ask a taxi driver in your country advise about dating women? I think the answer is likely no.
  5. Never be dependent on a third party: It is very important to be always independent. It is always worth investing a bit of money to be independent wherever you go. Don’t be depend on another person in a foreign country. This advice is valid for everything. For instance, if the price of car rental is Ok and if you can park your car anywhere, it will be better to take your rented car than waiting for somebody to bring you somewhere. Public transport is also an option. Also, don’t rely on a man or a woman to help you pick up local women. Even if you don’t speak the local language, freedom is priceless. Being able to do what you want when you want is priceless, especially when you want to pick up and date women.
  6. Be aware of scammers: Outside of the USA, there are many countries where a significant number of young women work as scammers. These women may seem to be regular women. Watch out for women who strike up conversations with you as if they’re just looking for a friend. I strongly advise to stay away from such women. I’d like to repeat what I said before: Take control and pick the women you want to hang out with, instead of letting them choose you.