All the tricks that women use on social media to look beautiful in pictures

In today’s digital age, some women have become adept at using image editing software such as Photo filters to enhance their appearance in photographs. This has given them the ability to manipulate their online persona and present an idealized version of themselves to potential suitors. However, this was not possible 50 years ago, as there was no image editing technology available. Men should be aware of these techniques and adjust their expectations accordingly when browsing online dating profiles, as the reality may be significantly distorted.

Techniques to look better in pictures than in reality & manipulate viewers :

  • Camera position: By positioning the camera in the right way, a woman can make her breasts appear larger than they are in real life, and hide an overweight figure. She can also create the illusion of being tall when she is short, or curvy when she is not.
  • Photo overexposure: It helps to get read of bad skin complexion or gives the impression that she is younger.
  • Hiding a part of the face: Concealing a portion of the face can aid in hiding a facial flaw that a woman is conscious of, such as an asymmetrical feature or a prominent nose. This technique can help create the illusion of a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance in photographs.
  • Staged pictures: On some social media profiles, you can see that someone doesn’t post any pictures that have been taken in public. So, they can manipulate the viewers by solely posting staged pictures that have been prepared to always look good in every single picture.
  • Advanced┬ámakeup:┬áReal makeup allowing face transformation require 30 minutes to 1 hour of preparation. Some women never take pictures of themselves on social medias without make-up
  • High Heels: The technique made the body appear more curvaceous, with a fuller bottom and perkier breasts.
  • Black & white picture: The goal of such picture is to look younger and hide wrinkles


  • Interacting with a sophisticated woman online is more like communicating with an image rather than a real person.
  • Only trust unstaged pictures where you see a woman from head to toes.
  • In real life, what you see is what you get. In the virtual world, what you see is just a partial version or a distorted version of reality.