Greek women’s beauty is underrated

Greek women are seriously underrated! In my opinion, you can find the sexiest Mediterranean women in Greece. If we were to rank Mediterranean countries based on beauty, Greece and Cyprus would definitely come out on top, followed by Turkey, Italy, and finally Spain.

I’ve traveled to Italy and Spain before, and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed by the lack of beautiful women. When I first arrived in Italy, I was expecting to see gorgeous flight attendants and airport employees, but I didn’t see anyone who really stood out. Even in the city center of Milan, I was underwhelmed by the number of attractive women.

I spent a lot of time traveling around Spain and Italy, searching for the spots with the most beautiful women, but eventually I gave up. In Madrid, people told me that the real stunners were in Barcelona, but I didn’t notice any difference. Then I heard that southern Spain was the place to be, but again, I didn’t see anything special in Malaga.

When I went to Milan and Rome, I found that Italian women were sexually cold. Even if you’re a great seducer, you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere with Italian women. But in Athens, I was blown away by the number of women who had both beautiful bodies and faces. Plus, Greek women are much more approachable than Italian women. It’s a shame that the beauty of Greek women is still unknown to many people.

I have some evidence that the average beauty of Greek women is quite high: