Problem with adopting the child of a single mother

A man who decides to date a single mother will also spend time with her child. This is going to be a problem at some point because he is not the biological father of the child.

I’ve noticed that some women want the man to help the mother pay for expenses related to the child or children. These mothers also want the man to literally be a second father.

The man is used as a facilitator, a money provider and a baby sitter.

Case Study: Man Adopts Woman’s Child

Let me give you an example. I know a French man who went to Africa and married a single mother who already had one child in Côte d’Ivoire. This man decided to adopt the child and brought them both back to France.

Then, he had two children with his African wife. Later on, he divorced and had to pay for childcare support for three children since he adopted the child. Despite no longer visiting her adoptive father, the adopted child continued to receive child support payments from him.

During the divorce, this teen filmed with her smartphone all the belongings of her former stepfather to evaluate his wealth. After the divorce, this child chose the mother’s side. The man had to pay for the alimony of the mother and the childcare support for the next four years because the oldest child was 14 years old. The youngest ones were seven years old, which means that the father had to pay child support for at least 11 years. In France, alimony can’t exceed five years. Total damage for now at the time of this article: 950 euros per month in child support and alimony. 250×3 euros per child + 200 euros to the mother.