Why Russian women are better than American women for a relationship

The financial expectations of American women have reached a peak in the USA, where women pressure men to be good money providers throughout their lives. A significant number of American women encourage their men to take out mortgage loans and get into debt for 25 years to buy a bigger house than necessary, complete with all appliances, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. In contrast, Russian women tend to have lower expectations, with only 1 out of 10 being gold diggers who want a big house, and even then, they do not want their men to live beyond their means.

In Eastern Europe, it is rare to witness a woman screaming after her man in a public place or at a diner, whereas this is common in Western Europe or North America. Russian women tend to have a stable mindset and show respect towards men, resulting in less or no fights on a daily basis. In contrast, American women may have unpredictable whims, such as wanting to sell their house or live on an island, making a long-term relationship with them less feasible.

On average, Russian women spend less money than American women. The mindset of Russian women remains stable throughout their lives, whereas American women may become gold diggers even at 60 years old or want to leave their life on a whim. Therefore, a long-term relationship is more possible with a Russian woman than with an American woman.

Do you want an undeniable proof ?

Look at the US vs Russia household debt chart as % of disposable Household income provided by the OECD:

OECD (2024), Household debt (indicator). doi: 10.1787/f03b6469-en (Accessed on 01 May 2024).

The American household debt is higher than Russian household debt.