Do bad boys get more girlfriends?

Pickup artists and gossipers¬†report that bad boys get more girlfriends than nice men. I don’t believe it.

First, we must agree on what a bad body is. It is a vague concept. Everyone has a different definition of a “bad boy.”

We can agree that bad boys aren’t more successful than others, especially if we consider a bad boy to be a ghetto thug. I believe that people who think bad boys are more successful have likely been influenced by movies to a great extent.

Have you ever seen a guy in sportswear and tattoo pick up a woman on the street? No. It never happened.

In my opinion, the so-called bad boy success is an urban legend forged by female, male storytellers and movies.

The myth of the successful bad boy forged by pickup artists

Men who subscribe to the macho, alpha male mentality believe that being a bad boy is the key to success in dating women, which can lead to legal trouble and serious consequences. These men think that being pushy is the way to go, but this kind of behavior is dangerous and strongly discouraged. For example, pick-up artist Alex Smith was sentenced to eight years in prison for his involvement in the gang rape of a woman in 2013. According to pick-up artists like Smith, imposing your will on a woman is necessary. This is a harmful and unacceptable attitude. Read the full story about Alex Smith.

Don’t believe what female manipulators say

Toxic women like toxic female influencers also spread the idea that bad boys are attractive and successful with women.

Emotionally stable, empathetic, and sociable men are the ones who have the key to unlock meaningful connections with women. A self-centered and unstable single man is like a ship without a rudder, adrift in a sea of missed opportunities.

Some women may be attracted to confident and assertive men, this does not mean that they prefer men who are disrespectful, manipulative, or abusive.

Furthermore, the idea that being a “bad boy” is the key to success in dating is not only untrue, but it can also be harmful. Men who believe they need to act like “bad boys” to attract women may engage in toxic behaviors that can harm themselves and others.

In short, the idea that “bad boys” are more successful than “nice guys” is a myth perpetuated by some female influencers and popular culture. It’s important to recognize that confidence and assertiveness can be attractive qualities, but they should never come at the expense of kindness and respect.