How to identify that she is a toxic woman?

Male bashing:

Laina, the overly attached girlfriend on Youtube

They use to criticize relatives or yourself for free. Male bashing can manifest in various forms. She may depreciate your skills, your appearance, your behavior. Depreciation is one of the most common tactics. As an illustration, they may claim that you struggle to express yourself effectively, that you lack a sense of humor, or that you should stop acting in a childish manner.

Her past boyfriends or husbands are always bad boys. She depict

Bipolar behavior:

One day she is happy and the next day she is angry with you for no reasons. Periods are not responsible for several peaks of anger in a month. In fact, nothing including menstruation justifies anger and violence against a man.

She is asocial:

She spends friday evenings and saturday evenings at home in front of her smartphone. It is easy to see that something is going wrong when you see them online on friday evenings and saturday evenings.

Last words:

Don’t forget, it is not possible to change women personality but it is easier to stay away from it. Protect yourself and stay away from psychotic women. Even if you can’t do it right now.