Tips to spot pick up places

beautiful woman in a coffee shop of Pragua
Beautiful woman in a coffee shop of Prague, Czech Republic

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Typically, if you discover a location that has previously been frequented by beautiful women, it’s likely you’ll continue to find beautiful women there in the future. If you’ve had difficulty approaching women at this location in the past, consider devising a strategy for engaging with them more effectively on your next visit. Conversely, if a particular place has disappointed you in the past, it’s less likely to be a promising spot for meeting beautiful women in the future. Regardless of the situation, it’s always beneficial to have a plan for approaching women, even when the circumstances seem challenging.

Don’t just take other people’s word for it when it comes to judging a place. Trust your own instincts and experiences instead. Remember, no one’s going to share their favorite pick-up spots with you anyway. So, get out there and check things out for yourself to see if a place is worth your time.

So, if you visit a place and don’t find any attractive women, don’t worry – it’s not a waste of time. After all, nobody’s going to share their secret hotspots with you. And by the way, don’t fall for the hype. These days, nightclub and lounge bar owners are experts at luring in male customers with pro photographers and fake female customers. Be wary of those picture-perfect models and videos too. Don’t trust everything you see in YouTube videos.

Don’t forget that some job positions, sports & hobbies attract more women than others.